Image of KICKAPOOGIAN sticker

Newly designed for 2019, a sticker representing the driftless Resilience who dwell in Kickapoogia. The green and gold represent the color of the summer landscape of grasses, trees, and native flora such as grey-headed coneflower, cup plants, brown eyed susans, and several species of goldenrod. Packer colors are coincidental.

That's all fun stuff, but there's some serious business that needs explaining here. The term Kickapoogian, to the best of anyone's knowledge, was first printed in Ralph Nuzum's book, Here on the Kickapoo, in the early 20th century. Nuzum, and likely others, used the moniker to identify the people living in and around the Kickapoo Valley, in driftless Wisconsin, at the time. The people were mostly European-Americans.

The Kickapoo River and the Kickapoo Valley were named after the Kickapoo people who lived in the area in the 16th century. Around this time, it was not uncommon for map makers to use names of native tribes for geographic place names.

Many native American tribes, like the Kickapoo, were forcefully displaced by the westward expansion of European American settlers in the early 19th century. The Kickapoo tribe remains active today in Northeast Kansas. The Kickapoo people have their own traditions, history, culture, and language. We invite you to learn more at

To clarify, Kickapoogian is NOT a descriptor for a native American, and the term should never be construed as such; doing so would be disrespectful and offensive to the Kickapoo, a people we respect and revere.

In addition to the 7% of sales donated to benefit the driftless environment, donates an additional 50% of sales of all Kickapoogian stickers and t-shirts to the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas, in hopes that their voice may be heard. We recognize that the indigenous peoples of the American continents were clearly more in tune with sustainable living than the Europeans who took it over. It's time to listen to what they have to say.

1.25" x 8.5" vinyl sticker, screen printed with fade resistant ink.


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